GIS Compatibility

xSub datasets are designed for compatibility with Geographic Information Systems (GIS). Each data file contains a spatial unit ID that can be used to merge the event data to GIS spatial geometry files, like shapefiles (.shp), and R SpatialPolygons (.RData).

Spatial Unit Type Merge Variables Link to GIS Files
country [adm0] Global Administrative Areas (2.8) ID_0, NAME_0
province [adm1] Global Administrative Areas (2.8) ID_1, NAME_2
district [adm2] Global Administrative Areas (2.8) ID_2, NAME_2
grid [priogrid] PRIO Grid PRIO_GID, PRIO_COL, PRIO_ROW
constituency [clea] CLEA polygons CLEA_CST_N, CLEA_CST

Instructions for merging xSub data to GIS files are available are available here.