1. Select a country
  2. Select geographic and date matching window for event de-duplication:
    - geographic: 1 km / 5 km
    - date: 1 day / 2 days
    - all events of the same type (i.e. same actors, actions, targets) that fall within the same matching window (e.g. occurred within 1 km of each other on the same day) are treated as a single unique event
  3. Select dyad type:
    - A: directed (includes only events where initiator and target are both known)
    - B: undirected (all events, including those with some ambiguity over which actor was initiator vs. target)
    - ACLED and GED contain only undirected dyad information; most other sources include directed dyad information
  4. Select a unit of analysis
    - space: country / province / district / grid / electoral constituency
    - time: year / month / week / day
  5. Click the "Submit" button, for zipped archive with:
    - dataset (.csv text file)
    - map and time plot of violence
    - codebook
    - actor dictionary

Ctrl-click to select multiple countries


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